JMR Construction is an advocate of green building. For JMR, green building is a design and construction process that saves energy and natural resources while protecting the environment. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and promotes the health and well-being of the home owners and their families.

However, green initiatives continue to evolve and building green means different things to different people. It is one of those questions that if you ask ten people, you will likely get ten different answers.

JMR continues to pursue the following initiatives and alternatives in our effort to promote green construction as appropriate and required by our clients.



Clean, eco-friendly and green

Proper Sizing of the Structure:
Build what you need, no more no less. This will save materials and allow the builder and the homeowner the ability to shift the budget to other important areas like insulation, solar, geothermal or other unique home features.
Placement of the Home:
We are continuing to make our clients aware of both the house placement and direction and encouraging them to take advantage of the southern exposure for all day sunlight and heat, while installing shading (awnings, overhangs, etc.) for proper cooling in summer months.
Probably the most important aspect of green is to properly or over-insulate to reduce energy consumption.
This coupled with energy efficient windows and doors are key.
Must use all Energy Star appliances.
Geothermal Heating and Cooling:
Using the earth's constant temperature as a basis for heating and cooling the house. Stats show consumption reductions of 25 - 50%. Solar is also another alternative.
Dual flush toilets allow for a big or little flush, saving water over time. There are several other water-saving devices and fixtures that can be considered as well.
Buying Local Products:
From building materials to fruits and vegetables, local materials help save on fuel for transportation.
Fluorescent lights have shown to be 66% more efficient than traditional lighting and last up to ten times longer.
Use of Reclaimed Materials:
Reusing vintage materials helps save on production-related consumption and can even add some flair and uniqueness to a space.
We always try to find carriers that recycle our waste and debris.